A.S. Group of Steel Industries manufactures deformed Grade-60, Grade-40 and cold twisted Grade-60 Tor bars for reinforcement of concrete.

In construction engineering, steel reinforcing bar or “rebar” is widely used in tandem with concrete components, since steel and concrete have similar heat expansion coefficients. Thus, rebar can be used to increase the inherent tactile strength of concrete, adding long-term stability to the structure. To provide consumers with a reliable means of gauging the suitability of specific products for specific applications, Our all rebar products with brands of "A.S" & "S.J" are standardized and graded.

Our finished products are rolled from billets produced by our own steel melt shop which has enough capacity to meet production demands. To meet customer demands we buy prime quality steel billets from Pakistan Steel or import from other countries. Only Billets meeting International quality standards pass from our rolling mills. We morally follows international product standards like ASTM A615 and BSI 4461- 4449.