Quality Policy


The basic motto in the work of the management and all employees in the company are to satisfy and exceed the customers’ requirements, providing products with proven and recognizable high quality.

To produce products complying with the national and international product and quality standards, to achieve the main target of ensuring customer and employee satisfaction, and to demonstrate perpetual improvement and development, by working in collaboration during all the activities. Rigorous testing takes place throughout the steelmaking and rolling processes to ensure that quality standards are maintained. During steelmaking, a series of samples is taken for testing in A.S. Steel’s advanced laboratories, where the latest analytical equipment and techniques are used to verify each heat’s precise chemical composition. The test results are fed immediately back to the plant, so that sensitive adjustments can be made to correct steel composition where necessary. The company’s well-equipped laboratories also conduct exacting mechanical tests on samples of the finished product, guaranteeing their compliance with relevant standards. A final quality check is conducted in the dispatch yard before the product is shipped to customers. No approval is given for any product delivery without the completion of all the necessary control procedures by the A.S. Steel nominated laboratories pursuant to the standards on chemical and physical matters.

Quality Objective
  • To ensure 100% satisfaction of the customer by Quality product with the attentive, effective and proactive services.
  • To achieve excellence in operational efficiency by continual improvement.
  • To ensure anywhere, any size and any time delivery of our product.
  • To ensure effectiveness of QMS through involvement and awareness of employees, suppliers and customers.
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