Technology - Steel Plant


A.S. Group of Steel Industries has latest technology continuous fully automatic PLC controlled steel rebar making facilities.

Steel Melting Furance:

Steel Rebar Production is initiated by charging the scrap used as raw material into the Steel Melting Induction Furnace. The charged raw materials are turned into liquid steel by being melted down in the furnace. The steelRebar in Use in the liquid state is then monitored to achieve required technical composition and the necessary alloying procedures are completed in here to obtain the targeted quality.

Continuous Casting Machine (CCM)
The liquid steel is transferred to the continuous casting machines and turned into steel billets (semi-finished goods) in required sizes. Upon assessment of the quality control analyses, steel billets are approved and delivered to the rolling mills.

Deformed Grade 60

Deformed Grade 60

Billet Making Process

Rolling Mill Process
Steel billet is charged into the re-heating furnace to obtain the required rolling temperature prior to its delivery to the rolling stand. The Rolling Mill equipped with computerized controlled process monitoring devices to ensure uniform rolling throughout the bar length. Heating process is a part of the procedure for acquiring the required mechanical properties. After rolling material moves to a state of art automatic cooling bed for uniform atmospheric cooling, the bars are cut into the required lengths automatically for the completion of mechanical and chemical laboratory tests and then packed in bundles for dispatch.

Deformed Grade 60

ASTM-615 standards

Rebar Making Process