Cold Twisted Bars (TOR) Grade 60


Grade 60 Cold Twisted Bars (TOR)

A.S. Group is pioneer in prducing best quality most supperior Grade 60 Cold Twisted TOR Rebar with a grade 60 designation offers a minimum yield strength of 60,000 pounds per square inch. This makes grade 60 Tor rebar an excellent choice for concrete reinforcing applications.

Rebar in Use

Grade 60: 

Size (Diameter): 
All sizes From (3/8" to 1.5") 6mm to 38mm or as per client's requirements

From 20 feet to 60 feet or according client's requirements, 40 feet is strandard.

Packing Pattern:
Straight or one folded bundles or two folded bundles or according client's requirements.

As per actual weight or as per theoretical counted bundles or as per customer requirements.