Why to choose A.S. Bars


Top reasons to choose A.S. rebar


Excellent Bonding With Cement: Uniform And Parallel Rib Pattern
Despite steel and concrete being two different materials, they should form as a single unit in a reinforced structure. This can happen only when the concrete grips the steel Rebar to form the strongest bond through unique rib pattern of A.S. Rebar which has rib depth and closer rib spacing as per international standards. Because of this better bonding with concrete, A.S. Rebar shall make the building strong and last for generations.
Superior Weldability:
Low levels of carbon ensure easier and faster welding without preheating. This means stronger and safer weld joints & reduction in wastage during welding at site.
Earthquake Resistant Properties:
A.S. Rebars are proven to have higher resistance to cyclic loading conditions and are recommended in earthquake prone areas due to their superior seismic resistant properties. A.S. Rebars meet international specifications thus imparting them with strength and high ductility.

Excellent Bendability:
Due to the highly controlled process that ensures a microstructure with a soft (ferrite and pearlite) core, A.S. Rebars have excellent bendability (in spite of their high strength). This facilitates easy bending, making work easier and faster at construction sites. Corrosion Resistant There are no tensional residual stresses in the bar which results in superior corrosion resistance characteristics as compared to traditional bars. Greater Resistance To Fire A.S. Rebars has high thermal stability that makes them preferable for applications at elevated temperatures of 400-600oC
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